Tech 107 The only technology podcast you will ever need!


About The Show

Tech 107 was the brainchild of Seb Payne and Matt Dyson, born in early 2010 as a fresh new technology podcast out of a studio at Durham University. We aim to bring you the latest tech news and discussion each week

What sort of crazy name is this?

The radio station we use for our live broadcasts (Purple Radio) used to be a FM radio station - broadcasting on 107MHz.

The Presenters

Matt Dyson

Matt is a 2nd year Software Engineering student with a passion for all things technological!

Picture of MattFavourite colour: Blue
Favourite drink: Ale
Favourite song: The Warmth by Incubus
Favourite tech item: iPhone 3GS
Pet hate: Java
Would love to meet: Steve Jobs (and give him a slap)

Seb Payne

Sebastian Early PayneSeb is a 3rd year Computer Science student with a passion for all things political, musical and technological!

Favourite colour: Purple (Radio!)
Favourite drink: Kopparberg/Scrumpy Jack
Favourite song: In A Silent Way - Miles Davis
Favourite tech item: Dell Mini 10v Hackintosh
Pet Hate: Communists
Would love to meet: Boris Johnson