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Tech 107 Episode 4

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Broadcast - Tuesday 9th February 2010
Length - 57:07
Presenters - Matt Dyson and Seb Payne

  • This Week In News (1:56) - Full body scanning at airports, the Sex Robot, technology cheating in exams, Microsoft's 17 year old bug, Microsoft's worst operating system, Google Superbowl Advert, Chrome OS, Real-time Voice Translation on Google Phones, Facebook redesign
  • Tales of Backing Up (35:02) - Seb's tale of data loss due to poor data protection triggers a discussion of how to best backup your data - including the rubishness of Google Checkout and CCL Computers, 'LadSoc' and our first live phone call.
  • Thing of The Week (50:31) - Two desktop applications this week, NHS Drinks Tracker and Netbook Installer
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  1. The issue you had with CCL about only sending to the billing address for your first order is pretty standard and most companies enforce this :(

  2. @Laurence I wasn’t aware of this, I’ve never had this experience with another company. I used Google Checkout with a friend’s card in the end and it worked without problems!

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