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Tech 107 Episode 5

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Broadcast - Tuesday 16th February 2010
Length - 52:41
Presenters - Matt Dyson and Seb Payne

  • Tech 107 Live (2:03) - Tech 107's first on-location segment has seen Matt and Seb making the trip up to Newcastle to witness the opening of Apple's Eldon Square store. Free T-Shirts were received as well as an interview with the store manager.
  • This Week In News (16:33) - Google Wave's problems with IE, Google launches Buzz, Google trails high speed broadband, Google acquires Aadvark, Computer Engineer Barbie, Windows 7 Phone Series, HTC Legend launched, Bing Maps at TED, Macworld 2010 and the new rival to Apple's App Store.
  • Thing of The Week (46:22) - Two desktop applications this week, LogMeIn and Spotify Mobile
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