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Tech 107 Episode 7

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Broadcast - Tuesday 9th March 2010
Length - 1:01:00
Presenters - Matt Dyson, Seb Payne and Don McAllister

  • Interview with Don (1:01) - Matt and Seb talk to Don McAllister about Screencasts Online, Don's podcasting business, creating screen casts, iPhone screencasting, the iPad and many more Mac topics!
  • This Week In News (12:17) - Digital Economy Bill, Steam and gaming on the Mac, MacHeist Bundle, PubSubHubub, 123-reg, iPad Release Date, Microsoft Courier, Google and BTJunkie and the Twitter Location API.
  • Thing of The Week (52:04) - Picks of week from our presenters include Google Tasks with Fluid and the Layar and TomTom Car Kit for iPhone
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