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Tech 107 Episode 3

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Broadcast - Tuesday 2nd February 2010
Length - 1:01:02
Presenters - Matt Dyson and Seb Payne

  • This Week In News (2:15) - iPad announced, the user interface, its features and how successful it will be, Apple's locking-down of their products, VOIP over 3G networks, city-wide WiFi, Google Voice, Google drops support for IE6, Firefox 3.6 released, Chrome OS and Facebook rewrite PHP.
  • Mac vs. PC (41:31) -The debate begins from a discussion of IE6 and a message from a listener evolves into a very spirited date on the platform wars.
  • Broadband Infrastructure (46:12) - Tories and Labour's proposals leads to a discussion of the future of broadband connectivity
  • Thing of The Week (55:22) - Two desktop applications this week, get_iplayer and WriteRoom
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Over to you…

For those of you who didn't hear our live show on Purple Radio earlier today, you missed out! After 3 weeks, we finally came to blows on the Mac vs. PC debate - it got rather heated! Due to Seb being snowed under in C# coding this week, the podcast won't be available until Friday - can you wait that long?!

Now we've done a few episodes, we've got a fairly good idea what works and what doesn't - but we want to base the show around what you want to hear. I've added a poll system onto the website, where you can vote on what you want us to talk about on future shows. If you've got any ideas that aren't included in the poll, use the 'Get in touch' link and tell us through that.

Look forward to hearing from you - and see you all next week!

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Tech 107 Episode 2

Download - MP3
Broadcast - Tuesday 28th January 2010
Length - 55:22
Presenters - Matt Dyson and Seb Payne

  • This Week In News (1:31) - iPhone 4.0 potential features, speculation on the Apple Tablet, Apple Q1 2010 Financial Results, Lala Purchase, synchronising mobile devices, UK Broadband Tax, Location Aware Twitter trending topics, Twitter bomb threat,
  • Social Networking (38:28) - A-Level Exam Complaint Group on Facebook, the privacy issues, the mundane pointless features, how serious networking sites are, 'groups' and 'pages'
  • Thing of The Week (48:26) - Both web services applications this week, Remember The Milk and Dropbox
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Tech 107 Episode 1

Download - MP3
Broadcast - Tuesday 19th January 2010
Length - 56:59
Presenters - Matt Dyson and Seb Payne

  • Introduction To Tech 107 - An introduction to the show, what are going to talk about and some stuff about us!
  • This Week In News (4:43) - CES 2010 news, USB 3.0, Intel's Light Peak, green technologies, 3D in home and cinema, the return of tablet computing Apple's rumoured iSlate, Nexus One, Microsoft's keynote and Google In China
  • Tech Trends for 2010 (31:51) - The Year of The Linux Desktop, eBook Readers and tablets and smartphones
  • Thing of The Week (49:11) - Both iPhone applications this week, RunKeeper and Sleep Cycle
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To the future of technology podcasting!

Coming in early 2010 is a podcast that will make your soundcards explode with excitement! Product reviews, technological discussions, witty banter - we've got it all.

Keep your eyes peeled for the hottest podcast of the new year - Tech 107

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